6Rs of Sustainability

What are the 6Rs of

'We choose not to create waste but instead use waste to create'

Left Image | Beach Clean Oval Placemats made with recycled EVA plastics + eco friendly cork

The Sustainable R’s are now being taught in schools and will become basic rules in life for our next generation. For now, the adult generations in some parts of the world, need to play catch up fast, and make sure we are leading by example.

‘As an eco designer it is crucial to understand the key philosophies of the sustainable R’s and to build them into everything that LIGA does, to encourage our manufacturers and consumers to believe and do the same.’ Jennie, Founder - LIGA

The sustainable R’s are easy to understand, but they need thought to action and an open mindedness to think differently to before.

As a consumer you have huge power, exercise that power through your choices.

Rethink – The questions to ask before buying anything is do you need it, is it built to last, can it be recycled after use?

Reuse – Before throwing something away think about whether it can be used again by you or someone else. Use a water bottle, buy clothes to last,

Recycle – if you can’t reuse a product, recycle it so thats its raw materials have the chance to be used in a new product, rather than throwing it away to landfill - compost your own food waste – engage with the circular economy.

Reduce – Consume less and waste less - refuse unnecessary packaging,

Refuse – It’s your choice make sure you think about what your choices are and feel comfortable in saying them

Repair – either fix yourself or pay someone to do it - fall in love with old, with vintage and don’t feel pressure to always buy new which just causes social stress.

We have two, unique materials made with a mixture of eco friendly cork + recycled materials: Beach Clean (made with eco cork + recycled EVA plastics) and Dash (made with eco cork + recycled rubber). We also use sustainably sourced cork for the majority of our affordable homewares.

It is sobering to realise that the richest 50% of the world’s population emit 90% of carbon pollution into the atmosphere.

The poorest 3.9 billion people have contributed just 10% of the carbon pollution in our atmosphere.

Whilst we get our heads around buying differently and making new choices nearly 4 billion people have never experienced a life like ours and yet our choices directly affect the quality of their lives.

Hopefully you will have read about the sustainable R’s and feel proud of yourself that you are living by them, making choices that feel good and that you know have small positive impacts. If not, maybe think about moving forward and making some changes

The power to save our planet and ourselves is in our hands - use it.