New collections for AW20


Call Of The Wild

Introducing three new collections inspired by life in lockdown, Jennie explains how inspiration came from her home and nature nearby...
Once lockdown was eased, we were able to get out on the water again - we love to paddle canoes on the nearby creeks and friends introduced us to the simple idea of a line and rod floating off the back of our canoe. Simple and rewarding - fun for all the family - we caught mackerel for supper, much to our complete surprise and delight!
We have been amazed at the amount of bees in our garden this year loving out lavender cornflowers, echinacea and verbena and this gave me the idea for this collection with chamomile and poppies added in because bees and butterflies love them too and they looked great on the design.
Sea Holly
Sea Holly is so dramatic and stylish to look at - it grows happily in coastal areas in the summer and looks wonderful dried on a winter table - a really interesting alternative to the green holly that we are familiar using for decoration.